About 4AMS

In business as in life, no two relationships are alike.

Since 1991, as part of our commitment to create the most successful relationship possible for our clients, we have undertaken purposeful growth. We have looked ahead and anticipated the capacity and diverse resources our clients require. We have carefully developed these capabilities, and retained within them the flexibility to shape and form to your individual market situation.

At 4AMS our management team is responsible for developing many of the policies and procedures, which have become successful standards in our marketing programs. We have originated procedures while capturing a leadership with one primary belief; The quality of the lead matters more than anything else. From the initial project overview, project set-up, team selection and training, our commitment is to provide the strongest results in the industry.

When you contact your potential customers, you need a marketing organization that can represent you and your company as positively as you would yourself. Our experienced, professional and thoroughly trained associates, along with our proprietary software, ensure your reputation is in capable hands. At 4AMS, quality is client specific. Our mission is to deliver todays sales leads to your desk by the time you arrive tomorrow morning.

We know that relationships can become complex at times. We have taken care to assure our associates can meet the unique demands of this discipline, assuring you the same professionalism, thoroughness and reliability that mark all our efforts.

Yes, we are most interested in helping you reap the enormous benefits of telemarketing. But, we want you to select 4AMS for something greater than mere numbers. We want to support you and provide you with the peace of mind and confidence a solid relationship offers, as well as for the knowledge, experience and foresight we've gained and are eager to share. At AMS we deliver accountability and our commitment to a long-term partnership.