Customer Client Testimonials

My offices/agents have been working with AMS for quite some time and I have watched its success grow over multiple offices and agents. I personally think it is a great tool, especially for a motivated agent because you have the time, desire and passion to do the follow up! That is truly the key--the follow up

Any agent has to invest money and time in marketing and prospecting --- this one literally hands you leads…you just have to work them. It is a cheap investment for what it delivers. I have been doing this business as a top agent, a training director, coach, manager and executive now for twenty plus years. This one is a stand out for me over the years- and I have seen a lot. I really like what this provides an agent.

It works….it is proven in every market and price range and property type. They do all the heavy lifting.

So …my answer to your uncertainly to proceed would be, for sure, a big yes. I get nothing for referring this guy. I want our agents to get more listings and do more business. That is my only motivation. I do not like agents to spend money foolishly and I am a very hard sell.


I have to share...  one of my agents made the commitment end of last year to sign on with Steve (and that was a huge leap financially for her).  But she did it.

Today she came in to report to me that AMS had assisted her in securing two very GOOD listing appointments. 

She is so impressed by the comments that came from the clients regarding the initial contact calls that Steve's office made. 

She said "it gave her more self-confidence" to walk in to those appointments. 
What a home run!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thank you to you for giving us Steve and thank you to Steve for "doing what you say and making it happen". 
I am going to sing this tune to all my agents for a long time....


I met with clients on Wednesday and this looks like a listing in January.
We’re getting them pre-qualified so we know what they can afford, doing some touch up work their current house and then we’ll begin looking for a house so they have somewhere to go.  She’s due in March with baby number two. 

Thank you for a job well done!


Thank you!  I love, love, love this service.


Yes we did land this listing. 

This is one of several listings that we've converted based on our calling program with you this year alone.


I wanted to let you know that I have a new listing as a result of your calls!

I have just listed a home on Rossport Way owned by the XXX family.

Your associate called them on 8/29. It’s on market by 9/4!

Thank you so much for your professional telemarketing program. I am always comfortable knowing that your expert telemarketers will present me in a professional and positive manner.

Here’s to continued success.


I want to send this letter to personally commend Steve Pagano and their group for the phenomenal service they provide.

As an Associate Manager and Realtor, I am constantly torn between  agent duties, some management duties, client negotiations, marketing,  traveling to our Downtown office, training new agents and somewhere  between lunch and a coffee break, minimal prospecting - yes, I confess  minimal prospecting.

Then, I was presented to Mr. Pagano and his team - a bit skeptical, but needing to make a smart change in the way I do business. So three weeks later, after the initial setup, I get a wonderful email along with three recordings of the team member and the potential client on the phone needing real estate services. The second attachment outlined each client's conversation, where they lived, and a summary of what they expected me to do i.e. call them, put them on my database, send them MLS updates in the area etc. As an added bonus, I also got a call from my team member asking me to call the potential client that appeared "hot" and ready to go. My team member also calls me to ask what other open houses I'm hosting in the area, what homes I had just listed/sold to add a personal touch to each phone call she makes. 

This is about as easy as it gets.

I have my own personal assistant who works on the kind of prospecting I dread most, she gets results and she proves those results to me - it has been quite an impressive ride.  I highly recommend this amazing group. I am very flattered by the way they do business, and I think they have represented me exceptionally in my community.


As a relatively new agent I am casting a wide net when it comes to marketing vehicles - Zillow, Trulia, postcards and ads, but these all rely on the customer contacting me. As a 25 year veteran in marketing and advertising I test, test, test to see what works and delivers the best results. The area I farm, and chose to telemarket to, is my home zip code because I know so many of the residents which makes following up easier. To date, each of the evening calls have returned at least email opt ins, which helps build my master database and a few real listing possibilities. Early on you had a chance to chat with one of my neighbors who mentioned she was contemplating selling in the next few months. I tried calling, but the line was always busy so I stopped by her home and introduced myself and we scheduled a time to meet and go through the house and talk in more detail. It turns out we have many people and things in common which made the presentation very easy. I am not a door knocker, it's just not my style, but having 4AMS do the knocking for me is working out well and I like being able to listen to and hear the tone of the conversation. If just this one listing comes through at $1,325,000 my investment will have more than paid for itself. 4AMS is a good part of my marketing team and I highly recommend considering their services."


I wanted to email you and let you know how impressed I am with the remarkable results achieved from your cold-calling on my behalf. I am astonished at how many leads you are generating for me. I have listened to the recorded calls, and you and your team are really quite good.

I realize that the majority of these leads are really for the purpose of filling my pipeline...incubating them and/or staying in touch with them until they are ready to make a move. However, just due to the fact you are generating so many leads, something is bound to happen sooner. Again, I wanted to express my appreciation. Please feel free to share this note with anyone you wish, and I am always available to offer a recommendation.


I just wanted to briefly express my positive experience with the service that 4AMS has provided me with thus far.  The various business and leads they have generated have been absolutely fantastic.  I always have the calling days circled on my calendar, and look forward to Deborah calling me the next day for a quick follow-up conversation.  She is very diligent with reporting the stats from the day prior, reminding me of when 4AMS will be calling next, and inquiring whether the company can do anything more to help.

I am very pleased with the call team.  As soon as I heard them converse for the first time with my farm, and witnessed the non-threatening and kind delivery they implement consistently during your telephone conversations, I knew I had a true professional. 

The team sticks to the script, and even when taken down tangents by various homeowners at times, they always encompass empathy, care and even concern at times.

 I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that is.

The team sells my business as not just a local Realtor, but more importantly as a caring neighbor in the neighborhood. You have done this impeccably well, and often reminds the homeowner throughout the given call that I actually live in the area.  Individuals tend to listen to and respect their given neighbors, and the team sells this aspect really well. 

When following up with conversations, letters and emails with homeowners, I always refer to their name, as I know they have already left a professional, friendly and lasting impression with them.

Thank you very much to the entire 4AMS staff.


We are very happy with your service. 

Recently, we obtained two listings as a result of your calls and our follow-up. One of the listings is in the $1.6 million range and the other is in the $700,000 range. 

We believe both homes will sell soon, Also, we have added many clients to our data base from your service.


Received a lead and phone record of a call the team made and I am totally blown away by your style, script, professionalism, and results. What more can I say? Unbelievable. I played the call for my manager who was equally impressed, Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous. You must be very proud of your team, I know that I am. Please thank them for me.


Over the years your service has been instrumental in my obtaining several high end listings. It also has given me a reason to have contact and collect email addresses of numerous local sellers that I would not otherwise have reached. This company is essentially doing what I don't have the personality to do. That is cold calling. Interestingly, I have had next to no complaints from the public over the years which, of course, are the risks with this kind of service given the rules out there.


As I mentioned, thanks to you, I got a listing!!!  Your call to Claire & Dick in Portola Valley is now on the market. Although I knew Claire & Dick, your call initiated my reach out to them and their decision to sell.


Here is my new 1.1 MILLION DOLLAR listing that I got from a call that you made.  :)

Thanks for everything


Thanks for your hard work on my behalf.  I have just been hired by Linda and Larry to represent them in the sale of their property.  Good Work!


Please thank the team for me as this lead has turned into a listing.  I have been working with V and T for about a year and they are finally ready to go. 

The house was semi-staged yesterday; photos today and the house will go on the market on Sunday. 

Hopefully a quick sale so we can get them into a house in South Pasadena.


It was a pleasure talking to you today and again happy and healthy 2015.  I want you and Steve to know I'm getting a listing as a result of your marketing program.  Holly made the call to T in Encino; I’ve met with T and E twice and am currently showing them property they will ultimately move to after the sale of the house.  You made a wonderful contact and I thank you for that.  I should get the listing around the end of February. 

Again, thank you.


This is not what I expected from AMS. 

 It's so much more! 

 Honestly, this is terrific. 

 I just received today's Telemarketing Report wav file and Word doc that you sent.  I'm very impressed with how well your staff is handling these calls.  They're not at all like the horrible calls I get at the end of the day.  These are warm, friendly, and intelligent, and have something positive to offer these people.

I've been following up on several leads I received this past week from Advanced Marketing Solutions, and I signed a one-party listing agreement last night with some sellers in Redwood City.  I have an appt to show it to my hip pocket buyer in a couple days.  I've been very impressed with Steve Pagano and his team at AMS.

Thanks for sharing this at our sales meeting. 


I wanted to express my gratitude to Sandy Vogt for an excellent job she did in reaching out to Kent Rideout. Sandy was very pleasant and professional when speaking with Mr. Rideout. She also found out that he might be looking to sell his home in the near future but has a good friend that is a Realtor.

Sandy informed Mr. X in a very competent and nice manner that "Rick specializes in the area". This conversation opened the door for me to meet with the X and secure the listing. Your team needs to be commended for doing an excellent job and I am very grateful for your expertise!

I feel compelled to let you know how pleased I am with you, your company, and the services you all provide; and especially with your telemarketers.

I am new to real estate and have no experience in direct sales/telemarking, and was dreading the prospect of making calls.  Your company's services have helped me tremendously to overcome this stumbling block, with the many qualified leads I have already received, from your staff.  On listening to the recordings, which are extremely helpful, I have concluded that all of your team members are very polished and professional, do a great job at listening to the property owner and are expert at identifying needs.  Polite, not pushy, and don't force the prospect to endure a sales pitch; my style exactly!

Next month I will be launching a mail campaign and walking my area to meet the home owners. I feel ready and well prepared, thanks to the efforts of your team members.  I have followed up on every lead and have already secured two clients for their upcoming transactions. No deals yet, but the groundwork is laid.

Please pass on my comments and appreciation to Steve and your team. 


After the first month of our campaign we had 4 leads that turned into closed escrows and AMS has helped me maximize my market share. I am working smarter not harder.


After the first round of calls that you have done for me, I received a lead.   When I made the call to the homeowner, he immediately recognized my name from the phone call that your staff person made.  I was able to get an appointment to meet him and have already done that.  The appointment went very well and I now have a solid contact and potential future listing in my farm area.


Just a quick note to you and your staff about the great service your team is providing me. Deborah has been making the contact calls for me. When she calls me for an update of the calls I always enjoy talking to her, so I know that the neighbors in my call area like her too.

If I was to go to the trouble of interviewing and hiring an assistant, Deborah is just the person I would hire myself. She has a wonderful easy going manner and asks the questions I need, but is never pushy or rude. I have commented to Deborah that this is the same way I conduct my business. If they are ready to buy or sell I am here to help. It's great Steve that you have done all the hiring and information-gathering for me, so I can concentrate on helping my clients buy and sell homes.

Deborah called me one afternoon and told me about one of my neighbors that wanted to sell but did not want to go on the MLS. I called them right away and made an appointment to visit them at their home. They gave me a tour of the house and then we had a great conversation at the kitchen table for the next hour. I have every confidence that I will find the right buyer for their home. I would not have had this personal contact if it was not for your calling service and Deborah's wonderful way of making everyone feel like they are talking to a friend.


I want to thank and commend you, Steve and 4AMS for what I feel is a terrific program and the professional manner in which you do job the you do.

The very first "connection" you made for me last fall was to a good friend with whom I had been in touch periodically. Your contact did lead to a call from her which lead to a listing earlier this year and a sale this summer!

I have continued with the program for this year and I am looking forward to making even greater connections which will lead to more listings and, ultimately, a lot more sales!

I am pleased to be associated with the 4AMS team.


I'm totally blown away!

The call team just got me 2 great leads and one DRIP opt-in in one day.... it would have taken me probably 2 or 3 weeks of open houses to get those same leads.

Brilliant!  You did a GREAT job!



CONGRATS! Best calling results yet in Atherton:


Sincere thanks to the entire staff.


Your telemarketing staff has proven to be both courteous and effective. Our customer service representative has been knowledgeable and prompt, again exemplifying your commitment to customer services and the bottom line….RESULTS!


We just listed a very nice 4-bedroom home in Brookvale. This listing represents our first contract generated directly from the fine telemarketing services you and your team provide.


I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results your marketing team is achieving. I have received 2 leads per session on average.

As for immediate results, I have recently listed the first of 3 properties (worth 500K each) from one seller who will also list the others after the first of the year.

More importantly, the call center staff is making me look great, as they are both professional and well spoken.

I know this because when the program began, I asked the leads that we generated what their impression of the call was. There was nothing but positive things said.

This is of supreme importance to me because I live and work in the area you are calling and my reputation will be a reflection partly of my marketing.


Thank you all so very much for all that you do. 

Your leads are genuine and adding the audio file of the conversation is so incredibly helpful. 


I asked to have female callers as my "assistant", because I felt that was more credible.   I just listened to the wave files of one of your male caller, and I must say he is very, very good.  I look forward to hearing how a female sounds and frankly... if they are as good as he is.  Even if I decide to stick with the stereotype, I just had to tell you how impressed I am with the way he handled himself.   COLDWELL BANKER – LOS GATOS  

Fabulous, you are great, please call for me again!


Great Job!
You recently sent us two leads and we listed one.  
We listed and sold it, representing the Buyer as well.
Thanks for the heads-up, keep up the great work!"


Congratulations! We closed our first AMS lead here in the area.
Keep up the great work.


Thanks Guys!!
Thought you would like to know that I recently closed escrow on one of the leads you sent me.
The paycheck more than covered you services.
YOU ROCK! Keep em coming.


We are following up on each and every call. The quantitative measure is one appointment to list a property. Secondly, many more now know us and are interested in telling us about their needs. THIS IS GREAT! And thirdly, we have found a home for one client so far. End of story.
I am a very pleased customer.


We at FiAmerica Bancorp are very pleased to recommend 4AMS for all of your telemarketing needs.


I blew it by not following up as you suggested! You found Mary Hunter on January 13. When I called in the afternoon on the 14th, she informed me "she signed this morning with another agent."
She really DID!!
When your call team said, "she wants to sell ASAP." Believe me she meant it.


I wanted to recognize your telemarketing staff. Through my follow up conversations with potential clients, I have heard nothing but positive comments. The callers are gracious, polite and professional. They conduct themselves with a genuine and kind manner.
It’s nice to call a prospect and have them pay my "assistant" compliments…"I get so many calls, but there was something about your assistants manner that caused me to spend time on the phone with her…where normally I wouldn't be bothered… she had a positive attitude."
This made my follow up so much easier.


My opinion is that telemarketing, by a third party, is a more professional way to market my services than doing it myself. This way, I'm sure it gets done.


Well you guys continue to amaze me. You are definitely keeping me busy. We are working on closing more!!!

  1. Dental equipment company; $510K revenue per year; ordered postcards for $880 but are planning to do a website in the future
  2. Cable Installation company; $10.8M revenue per year; we have done a very large proposal for $10-$25K; we have a second appointment next week!
  3. Deli & Café; $1.2M Revenue per year; we have a proposal out to them for approximately $5-$8K; we have a follow-up meeting with them next week
  4. Supply company; $1.4M Revenue per year; we have a proposal for approximately $4-$7K; we have a follow-up appointment with them tomorrow


Yesterday I was at the Chamber of Commerce meeting, which is the same Chamber that our client Joe belongs to.  
As you will have experienced Joe is a very direct and to the point person.
 Yesterday during the testimonials part of the meeting he stood up and sang our PRstore /telemarketing praises.
If you had been there you would have blushed!


Thank you for being so great and helping our client – no matter how unreasonable they are.


Since adding telemarketing to PRstore's array of offerings, I have found Steven Pagano to be most valuable in securing clients for that service. Steve impresses clients with his knowledge of their business and is an expert in reaching their targets in ways they hadn't yet considered.
Steve sets clients expectations from the beginning and maintains his accessibility as the program is developed.


Steve has personally gone above and beyond for my PRStore numerous times. He makes himself available to speak with my clients at a moment’s notice, has provided me with money making ideas and opportunities, even when they were not profitable for him personally and is a great cheerleader for my store.


We have been pleased with the excellent service delivered by your call center team. Our customer service rep is always there to ensure "smooth sailing". His continuous follow up; daily phone calls and nightly updates exemplify your commitment to delivering high quality customer service and are very much appreciated. I would also be remiss if I did not take time to compliment the reception staff. Always a warm and friendly greeting whenever I call your office.
Finally, I want to thank you for all the cooperation and support you gave this campaign. Your experience, advice and guidance have been instrumental in our success and I look forward to our continued working relationship.


I want to commend you on the training workshop you conducted at our headquarters in Foster City. The presentation was just the right blend of facts, role-play and motivation. Most importantly, your excitement and positive approach to telemarketing mixed with real life occurrences went a long way in not only easing some of the anxieties of those participating in the pilot program, but also enhanced your credibility with the banks senior management. In fact, one of the Regional Managers discussed inviting you back to conduct a similar workshop for all the branch managers and loan specialists in his region.


I wanted to let you know about a new customer you found.
In particular, he told me about some of your conversation on the phone recently. I wont bore you with details, but he mentioned he was in the sales industry himself, and he thought you were both professional and friendly.
From what he said, I am inclined to agree.


I wanted to let you know I got a MAJOR compliment about the call team from a new client. When I called to confirm a new order we had received they told me the ONLY reason we got the order was that really nice, persistent sales person." He said the call team had called several times and were always very polite and professional.


Thanks for your support on our various campaigns throughout the year. The customer base is growing and we are much more visible in the community.